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PT MYCOM NETWORKS, a company incorporated in Indonesia in 2001 has come a long way in the development of telecom products and services in Indonesia.

Originally part of the Mycom International global network, a Management Buyout in 2009 took it on an independent path.Today Mycom Networks is involved in the following main areas;

             Provision of Solutions for the Mobile Communications Industry


1. 4G LTE

2. Wifi

3. Wimax BTS for 16D/16E/LTE

4. Power Systems , Back Up Battery, Hybrid Energy and Other Energy Solutions

5. Outdoor and Indoor BTS Cabinets

6. Remote Monitoring for Environment at BTS Sites 


                          Mobile Commerce

1. Mobile Wallet Payment Gateway


             Provision of Services to Operators and Vendors for Turnkey projects and maintenance

1.           Telecom

             Survey, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance for BTS, MW, Rectifier, & Battery, BSC


2.           Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical

             Design and build for new structures, Buildings and renovations for existing structures, buildings and offices


3.           Power

             Electrical power works, Power connection, Hybrid Energy, Alternative energy solution


4.           Steel Fabrication

             Poles, Monopoles, Cabinets, Cable ladder, Gates, Kwh and Lighting poles, Customized Steel products


             Provision of Marketing and Business Deveopment for Mobile Money Alliance

MOBILE MONEY ALLIANCE is an alliance of organizations coming together to enable mobile money transactions domestically as well as across borders. Headquartered in UAE, Mobile Money Alliance is represented by marketing and proven technology providers to enable alliance members to quickly deploy their mobile money platform and access markets.



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